Player in a Pod Episode 2: Nathan Freeman

Harper Lee once wrote that you never really understand a person until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.
Having experienced the euphoria of being a high draft pick, and emptiness of repetitive injuries during his five seasons in the AFL system, Freeman can relate uniquely to the challenges and jubilation the AFL system brings.
Add on top of that his positive personality, effervescence and young age, the footy nerd from Cheltenham has all the ingredients to have success in the in the player management industry.
“I’ve been through every emotion and thing you can go through in football; drafted, traded, played a lot of VFL, played some AFL, a lot of injuries,” Freeman told the Player in a Pod podcast.
“Off field I had to budget for a house, budget for a car.”
“My managers- Paul Connors and Robbie D’Orazio at Connors Sports- said halfway through my last year, at StKilda, ‘if it doesn’t work out, would you look at coming on part time?’ and I jumped at the opportunity.”
“It’s really good because I can impart my experiences on the younger boys.”
Listen to the second episode of the Player in a Pod podcast with Nathan Freeman to hear about his blossoming career at Connors Sports Management, optimism for Frankston, and more.
0.50: Netflix recommendations
2.35: Freeman on his role working at Connors Sports and experiences he can draw upon
5.00: “There were times where I hated footy”
10.00: What drives ‘Freeza’ to succeed
13.45: Nathan casts his eye over some players and then coaches
20.00: Message for the Dolphins supporters
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