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Michelle Graham Administration Manager
Ben Lawrence Intern Administration
Peter Susovich Media Manager
Jonty Ralphsmith Journalist
Sarah DiPaolo Social Media
Matt Walker Club Photographer
Michael Robinson Timekeeper
John Davis Maintenance Manager
Bob Hindle Ground Maintenance

Careers, Education and Mentors

The Frankston FC places a huge importance on supporting our young athletes off the field.
The “Dolphin Mentors” are a group of well-connected people who have studied, worked and volunteered in many different fields, with many opportunities and pathways for the Frankston VFL and academy players to tap into. 
The main aim for launching this group is to be of assistance and a helping hand for the Dolphin players who need it while navigating, work, study or life choices outside of the great game of footy. 

Well-being is a team sport. We use the player in the best position on the field, let’s use our experienced advisors off it. 

Brad Sykes

Chairman Player Mentor and Jobs Group

Brad is a former player for Frankston FC, 2012 – 2015.

He has worked with youth and young adults across the Frankston and wider community through various sport and mental health programs the past 6 years.

His business is dedicated to teaching young people life skills through sport.

Matthew Murray

Player Welfare Officer

Matt is currently a teacher that has a specialty working with at risk and disengaged youth.

Matt’s previously worked with headspace and the Alannah and Madeline Foundation facilitating educational workshops within the Mental Health and cyberbullying fields.

Matt has also been actively involved with the AFL working alongside healthcare professionals, giving him a greater understanding of the importance of player welfare and performance preparation.

Ian Dicker

Business and Leadership

Ian has been Managing Director and CEO of a few International companies in his stellar business career.

He is very well respected and best known in football circles for his key involvement with the Hawthorn Hawks as President from 1996 – 2005.

Under his leadership the club went from financially broke and almost merging with Melbourne Demons in 1996, to being strong financially and his team appointing Alastair Clarkson in 2004.

Ian was inducted into Hawthorn’s Hall of Fame in 2019.

Ken Jungwirth

Mentorship and Science

Ken is a former VFL player at Carlton and Melbourne and a former Frankston FC player.

He has lead well respected businesses through his working career and the past 18 years has now dedicated his focus on assisting small business people to achieve their goals.

Graham "Josh" Kendell

Real Estate and Coaching

Josh is a former Coach and Best and Fairest Winner at the Frankston Football Club.

His footy resume is hard to match, named as the Coach of the Century in the MPNFL, 1908-2008.

Josh has also had a 37 year long and successful career in the Real Estate industry.

David Mckenzie

Finance and Business

David played football at Frankston YCW and spent the early part of his career working in a State bank. He has had his own Finance business for the past 3 decades.

David has a wealth of knowledge with all things finance, including residential, commercial and asset financing.

Shane Thomas

Building and Design

Shane played football at Frankston YCW and is well-respected and talented in the building design industry. He has decades of knowledge in drafting and has many contacts in the building scene.

Shane also has a passion for community and actively works helping disadvantaged kids in the Mornington Peninisula.

Ken Rowe

Education and Community

Ken is a former playing coach of the Frankston Football Club from 1971-1974.

He also played VFL football for the Melbourne FC and was the Director of Football for 8 years at the Demons. He is a Life Member of the Melbourne FC.

Ken was the Principal of Frankston High School from 1988-2001. He has been a leader in Education and in anything worthwhile in the Community of Frankston.

Jess Jones

Business and Marketing

Jess is an expert on all things business and marketing. Founder of The Burnout Club, host of The Burnout Show and Marketing Consultant at REA Group, she has over 12 years’ experience managing marketing, communications and PR across retail, hospitality, financial services, health & wellness, sporting, and FMCG.

Jess is passionate about building the FFC brand and growing its audience to gain more visibility for the club, to attract and enhance commercial relationships and to better connect with the broader community.


Adrian Lloyd


Dale Christie

Football Operations Manager

Board of Management

David Friend


David is MD of Shared Services Solutions and has been a board member since 2017, with a focus on engaging club members. He comes with 23 years of management experience, having been a former membership GM for AFL Hawks & Saints & has also worked for A League Soccer, NRL clubs & Not for Profit clients. He is committed to Frankston and is driven to ensure it becomes a financially strong, progressive and an innovative model club that embraces the community.

Member of Board Executive

Michelle Graham

Vice President

Michelle is Director of Graham Quarries and after serving on local charity and MPNFL committees she now brings her business management experience to the club that her family has supported since her childhood. Her aim is to support and grow the Frankston FC brand as a valuable pillar to our entire community.

Member of Board Executive

Steven Finocchiaro


Steven is a commercial lawyer at Toll Global Express, with experience in employment law, litigation and sports law. He has a passion for sport and is currently a member of the Football Victoria Tribunal, a position he has held for 6 years. Growing up in Seaford, Steven is acutely aware of the history and importance of the Frankston Football Club and is passionate about seeing them thrive over the coming years.

Member of Board Executive

James Van Beek


A senior finance professional (CPA) with over 20+ years’ experience, primarily in highly challenging, professional sporting organisations. He has previously held roles with Western Bulldogs FC (3yrs), St Kilda FC (4Yrs), had a 6mth stint overseas working on both the Americas’ Cup in Spain and the Rugby World Cup in France. Before returning to work at the Australian Turf Club (4yrs ) as their inaugural CFO and is currently Head of Finance and Investment for Lifeview, a boutique and innovative Aged Care provider. Add to the above that I was also an AFL Field Umpire for 11yrs and current Life Member, you could say that Football is a passion.

My aim is to ensure that Frankston FC become the envy of the competition creating new benchmarks for achieving financial sustainability.

Pippa Hanson

Function Centre

Pippa is the CEO of The Sports injury Clinic and is also a popular Key Note Speaker, Business Advisor and Mentor. She is involved in a range of business networks, community groups and sporting clubs and looks forward to assisting Frankston FC to build our Dolphin networks and become a great business.

Brad Sykes


Brad Sykes played at Frankston in 2012-15 and in that time became involved in community sports (Syked For Sport). He runs the FDJFL development program, has a passion for mental health and leads Brad Sykes Sports Consulting. Brad is keen to re-engage our broad Peninsula community with the Dolphins in 2022 and beyond.

Donna Rooks


Donna has 25 years of Business Development experience identifying strengths/weaknesses in client companies and driving a range of continuous improvement solutions. She is currently General Manager of Site View Security and has also spent 28 years in a philanthropic role make a difference for local charities & sports clubs in our community.

Jess Jones


Jess is an expert on all things business and marketing. Founder of The Burnout Club, host of The Burnout Show and Marketing Consultant at REA Group, she has over 12 years’ experience managing marketing, communications and PR across retail, hospitality, financial services, health & wellness, sporting, and FMCG.

Jess is passionate about building the FFC brand and growing its audience to gain more visibility for the club, to attract and enhance commercial relationships and to better connect with the broader community.

Steve Potts


Steve was the founder of the Glen Waverley senior football club in 2005 and has served in all areas from general manager, president, treasurer, secretary, sponsorship manager, football operations, including player contracts and salary cap. Steve has organised and managed all functions at the club, from major club dinners, match day luncheons, presentation nights and coordinated EFL finals that were hosted at the clubs home ground.

Steve has an understanding of what it takes to run a successful club in all facets of the organisation and is wanting to bring his experience to the Frankston Football Club.

Glen Adams
Tim  Adams 
Andrew Alexander
Patricia Anderson
James Anwyl
Chris Anwyl
David Appleton
Don Armstrong
Lionel Arnold
Michael Arthurson
Fiona Arthurson
Geoff Ayres
Peter Barr
Wayne Barr
Erny  Barron 
John Barry
Arthur Bell
Maureen Bell
Jim Bennett
Ken Berry
Liam Berry
Jenny  Bidgood
Russell  Bidgood 
Tony Blackborrow
Tony Blackford
Hunter Blackford
Marlon  Blackford
Bob Bodycomb
Brendan Boyd
Peter Boyd
Richard Bradley
Tina Bremert
David Brisset
David  Bullock 
Jason Buntine 
Craig Burch
Nita Burnett
John Burstall
Max Butler
Adrian Butler
Patrick Butler
Herbie Butler
Henry Butler


Eric Campbell
Debbie Carius
Craig Terence Cash
Bruce Cass
Hayden Cater
Sam Cavarra
William Chernishoff
Coen Chernishoff
Alan Clark
Daniel Clarke
Mac Cleland
Brendan Collins
Gary Cook
Adam Cooke
Nicholas Cooling
Jason  Coppard
Carol Coulson
John Coventry
Warren Crawford
David Cree
David  Cross
Anita Cross
James Cuffe
Alan Daniel
Phillip  Davey
Glenn Davey
Raymond Peter Davies
John Davis
Carmel Davis
Ian Day
Zane Diamond
Greg Dixon
Susan Doherty
Meg Doherty
John  Douglas 
Ken Drechsler
Pat Drechsler
Mike Duthie


Tony Eekelschot
Deb Evans
Noel Ferguson
Marian Finnis
Lance Finnis
Steven Finocchiaro
Jonathan Fisher
Mick Fisher
Justin Fitzgerald 
Noel  Ford
Tony French
Peter Geddes
Graham Gillard
Margaret Gillard
Lisa Gittos
Marilyn Gleeson
Jon Gleeson
Colin Glover
Peter Godau
Richard Gouldbourn
Annette Graham
David Grant
Nicole Grant
Darren Gundry
Patricia  Gurry 


Pippa Hanson
Al Hanson
Reuben Hanson
Oscar Hanson 
Gabrielle Hanson 
David  Hardacre 
Allan Hardie
Peter Harrison
fred Harrison
John Harrop
Carolyn  Heale 
Ferdi Heidenescher
Robyn Helms
John Hendrey
Wendy Henkel
Bradley  Higgins 
Brendon  Higgins 
Andrew  Higgins 
Janine Hill
Robert  Hindle
Laurie Hindle
Shane Hockey
Lindsay Hughes
Brett Hume
Glenda Hume
John Hunter
Chris Hutchinson


Geoff Isaacs

Brian Jack
David  Jennings
Kevin Johnson
Carol Johnston
Frank Johnston
Brian Jones
Warwick Jones
Ken Jungwirth


John Kennedy
Kevin Kniese
Corey Kniese
Aaron Kniese


Melissa Lambert
Colin Lane
Ben  Lawrence
Peter Lewis
Rick Lewis
Adrian Lloyd
Stuart Lloyd
Nicky Lloyd
Sally Lombard
Paul Lombard


Bryan Mace
Robert Mace
Rob Mace
Robert Mackenzie
Peter Maguire
Sue Makovec
Bill Mallinson
Bevan  Malloy
Dianne McConville
Charles  McConville 
Debbie McCrystal
Barbara McCrystal
Alina Mcdonald
Bruce Mcdonald
John McGillivray
Ian Mckenzie
David Mckenzie
Graeme Membrey
Dini Membrey
Stuart Merrick
Alfie Messina
Geraldine  Mills 
Darren  Mills 
Bob Monk
Leanne Monk
Kelvin Moore
Chris Moran
David Morgan
Todd Morgan
Sharon Morris
Christopher Motherwell
Mark Mounsey
Tony Murrell


Craig Nevin
Mike Nicolaides
Nil Nil
Kerry Nilsson
No kids No kids
Campbell Noonan
Keith Norris


Geoff  O’brien
Tony O’Brien 
Phil O’Hehir
Michael O’Neil
John Olah


Russell Paxino
Stephen  Paxino
George Peake
Milton  Pearson
Stuart Peck
Bruce Peters
Emma Potter
Manuja Premaratne 
Vice President
Matt Price
Gordon Proudfoot


Graeme Robinson
Michael Robinson
Phillip Rolls
Michele Roseby
David Roseby
Jan Ross
Brian Ross
Greg  Ross
Joe Russo
John Ryan
Khade Ryan
Terrence Ryan


June  Salthouse
Robert  Sands 
Mick Sayers
Geoff Shaw M.P
Ian Shepherd
Leeza Simpson
Grant Simpson
Jack Slade
Ron Stafford
Michael Stern
Michelle Stern
Katie Stern
Paul  Stern
Paul Stewart
Chris Stott
Rebecca Stringer
Gerry Summerfield


Dylan Thomas
John Thompson
Matthew Thornton
Stephen Trewavas
Penny Trewavas
Paddy Tucker
Maya Tyler


Shane Urwin 
Brian Voigt
Mal Wade
Julie Walker
Matthew Walker
Glendon Walker
Ian  Wallace
Caroline  Walsh
Morgan Ward
Peter Watson
Matthew Watts
Aaron Webb
Amanda  Webb
Stewart  Webster
Alan  Westwood 
Alan Wickes
Jeff Wignall
Bruce Wiley
Evelyn Wilfling
Edy Wilfling
Shelley Williams
Stanley Wilson


James Edward Young