It’s been a very tough time for all of us over the last few months and it will be for some time yet.
As you are probably aware, we have had to cease daily operations of our football club during this trying period which has placed severe financial stress on our club as we have lost the ability to raise income in many areas. We also appreciate that many of you have also suffered financially as well.
Please Help Us Fundraise for our Club
We have now developed a fundraising opportunity to help support our club that is also beneficial to you as well. We are washing our hands many times a day so hand sanitisers are a must in our daily life now.
Bulk purchase your sanitiser with us today.


About our Sanitiser

✓ Quality protected with world recognised testing certificate

✓ FDA and TGA approved.

✓ Accredited Hospital Grade Hand Sanitiser GEL

It contains 75% Alcohol, purified water, glycerine, carbomer, DMDM, Triethanolamine, hydantoin, vitamin E, aloe and barbadensis leaf extract

Advance grade quality product, hand moisturiser gentle on the hands compared to abrasive alternatives on the market

✓ Recommended for use between patient contacts

✓ Suitable for use in health care settings

Kills 99% of germs without water

Fast & effective in 30 seconds

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