SkyBus Player in a Pod Episode 6: Tom Small

Tom Small joined Frankston through the academy last year, coached by star midfielder Nathan Freeman and forwards coach Andy Shannon.
After painstakingly being one of the last players cut from Frankston’s initial list, Small was given the opportunity to play three late-season games in defence, but is keen to break into a strong midfield group in 2020.
“I’ve always been a more defensive role player,” Small told the ‘Player in a Pod’ podcast.
“I’ve never been a standout offensive player so I’ve been (used) as a tagger throughout my junior career and at local level.
“That’s been my best attribute; playing a one-on-one role and doing the defensive work, the tackling so that’s a part of the game (Danny Ryan) likes but I want to work on my offensive game; being able to break away from packs. 
A courageous player who quickly became a popular figure last season at Frankston, Small also talked about his love of numbers, WWE, and background in animals. Tune in to episode 5 of the ‘Player in a Pod’ to hear more from the up-and-coming VFL star.
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0.55: Joe Exotic of the Frankston Football Club?
1.55: Tom Small throws a team-mate under the bus
2.25: Tom background and strengths
6.35: Tom speaks about local teammate and Frankston recruit Ryan ‘Chumpy’ McGannon
8.25: Tom‘s strong relationships
13.10: Tom speaks about his love of wrestling, USA
17.00: The step up from MPNFL to VFL
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