President’s Message

Dear Members,

The Pandemic that is sweeping the world is affecting our lives and our way of life in a manner that none of us had ever anticipated. My heart to goes out to everyone affected by the crisis. Now is truly a time for us all to care for each other and share what we have. If we are to get through the next few months and achieve an end to the devastating impact of COVID-19 we must do it together.

Please ensure you connect with your extended family, friendship group, workmates and fellow Football Club members so we can stay connected and help each other. I extend my best wishes to all our members and supporters and hope that you and your loved ones can get through these unprecedented times.

In the week since my last message the spread of the virus has increased dramatically with over 1 million people being infected by Coronavirus and thousands of people losing their lives. And the economic consequences continue to grow as well and none of us are unaffected. The thanks of everyone in our club goes out to all of our courageous frontline health workers and essential service workers as they continue their work to keep all of us as safe and well as possible.

As you know our football coaches, players and staff are in a holding pattern until the Coronavirus crisis passes and so our club activity is now focused on utilising our volunteer army to help us communicate with players, staff and members. We hope we can stay connected with you and provide everyone with a bit of Dolphin Spirit
to see you through the tough times. We commit to sharing some Dolphin stories with you as we know that is something that we actually can do to support you at this time. As our coach Danny Ryan always says – ‘focus on oing the things that are within your control’ and we hope that in some small way it helps you maintain your wellbeing and keep your morale up during the coming months.

Thanks to former president and VFA Legend Alan Wickes, our Coach Danny Ryan and one of our star players Gus Styles for launching the club communications over recent weeks. Please go to our Facebook page to view these stories Frankston Facebook Page or click here Gus Styles Story to read the Gus Styles story on how the players are keeping fit whilst they are away from the club. And look out for a Podcast featuring 2019 Best and Fairest Will Fordham. Some great insights into our champion mid-fielder.

Our communications manager Peter Susovich will continue to work closely with CEO Adrian Lloyd and media volunteers such as Jonty Ralphsmith, Mick O’Neil and Sarah DiPaolo to continue to provide stories and media updates as we conduct a ‘virtual season’ until games return. We ask all members to tune in to our website and social media sites and please share the Dolphin news with your friends and families – a conversation about your football club might be a good exercise in mental wellbeing and keep a little bit of normality in your life. I know a bit of footy talk always makes me smile and takes my mind off the grave situation for a while which helps me then be the best I can be when I return to family, work, health and hygiene matters. Let’s hope it helps you too.

And we will also keep you posted with updates on the construction of our Skybus
Stadium broadcast quality lights. Works will speed up over the next few months
with completion date in late July 2020. When we do return to the field to see our
team we will be able to enjoy the best night football conditions south of the MCG!


Finally, I’d like to say “thanks” to the members who responded to my last message, this included messages from former Board members like Julie Walker who said “Thank you Peter for this message. I wish you, Adrian and the current Board all the best during these terrible times. Please all take care of yourself and your families. We are fighters at this club and I sincerely hope our fighting spirit gets us through. Best wishes to you all.” and also my great 1980’s teammate Peter Van Der Meer who messaged “Thoughts are with you Gedz, best wishes to you and the great team you have assembled to steer the club through this difficult time”.

Thanks Julie and Vanders and I see you have both signed up as 2020 members of the club which is much appreciated, we’d love to have the support of all our Past Past Players & Officials at this time. And until we pay of the last instalment of the DOCA our club is still at risk so we must get through 2020. If any Past Players & Officials would like to join up for 2020 just go to the membership page to sign up.

As we move forward, I’m looking forward to even more 2 way communication with our members. And for those of us who might not be as Social Media savvy I’d also like to share some pictures of what our staff, coaches, players and members are doing to keep their Dolphin Spirits up. So, feel free to send in some photos of you and your family or housemates doing your bit as an essential service worker or also what you are doing to keep up your health, fitness, wellbeing and just keeping yourself amused whilst you are working/hanging out at home.

So feel free to drop me a line or send a photo to if you want to ask any questions
or share any activities you are doing to help get your through our days of social isolation.

Please Keep Well and Take Care.
Kind Regards.

Peter Geddes

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