Player in a Pod Episode 1: Will Fordham

One day after reigning Best and Fairest Will Fordham hoped to be sitting in the rooms enjoying a beer after a first up win against Casey, the 24-year-old spoke about his evolution as a player.
Seen predominantly as a wingman who could play forward during his three years on North’s rookie list, Fordham has developed his inside game and continued to strengthen his fitness during his time at Frankston.
“I didn’t really have the physique for an on-baller because I was quite skinny. I was a good runner but it also got a bit frustrating just playing that one role. I’ve always wanted to move into being an inside player,” Fordham said, assessing his time at North Melbourne.
“(After getting delisted) my mindset was ‘I want to prove them wrong.
“So I went back and worked on some stuff, and over that whole pre-season I did some inside work and looked over some vision. I always thought I could play on ball I just probably wasn’t up for it at that age so it came with the age and the journey, being able to compete with the bigger boys,” Fordham quipped.
Listen to the first episode of the ‘Player in a pod,’ hosted by Mick O’Neil and Jonty Ralphsmith to hear the Sandringham Dragon junior detail his rise from budding inside mid to efficient contested bull, and why he believes he can return to the top level. 
Jonty Ralphsmith
0.27: Will on his time in the AFL system at North Melbourne
3.45: How Will approached the 2018 season
5.45: Will becoming an inside midfielder at Frankston
7.10: Will’s bond with Josh Newman
10.08: Will’s 2019 season
14.30: How Will’s coping with isolation
15.34: Why Will thinks he can return to the top level
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