Player in a Pod Episode 3: Nathan Scagliarini

Frankston Football Club favourite Nathan Scagliarini sheds some light on some humourous stories from his younger years on this week’s episode of ‘A Player in a Pod,’ thanks to SkyBus.
Kids always tell tales of how they meet their heroes: barging through crowds after a match, attending a training session, even seeing them on the street.
But accepting a dish-washing job, the Frankston midfielder’s first ever job, solely because he caught wind of the fact Gary Ablett had been in previously?
“I’m a massive Gary Ablett fan, I always have been,” Scagliarini quipped.
“There was a time where he was big on the paleo diet, and a paleo shop opened up in Mornington. Mum went in there, and she’d seen Gary in there every now and again and she told me about it.
I was 15-16 at the time and I wanted to meet Gary Ablett so bad(ly) so I went and got a job as a ‘dishy’ down at a paleo shop just because Ablett was going to be there!”
Tune in as Scagliarini also details his journey from the Mount Martha ‘footy factory’ through Dandenong Stingrays and Sandringham Zebras to Frankston, and how he’s feeling after an elongated pre-season.
-By Jonty Ralphsmith
1.30: Scags on his time at the Stingrays
7.10: The difficulty of missing the 2019 season
11.05: Scags stitches up some team-mates
12.05: The Gary Ablett meeting
14.15: Scags gets stitched up
15.25: Mirror-loving Dolphins
16.50: Progressing to an inside midfielder
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