2024 VFL Leadership Group – Announced

By Will Jeffares
Frankston Football Club Announces 2024 Leadership Group

From Right to Left – Taine Barlow – Tom Murphy – George Grey – Trent Mynott – Joe Lloyd – Jackson Voss – Noah Gown

The Frankston Football Club is proud to announce its leadership group for the 2024 season, comprising a dynamic mix of experienced and emerging leaders who personify the club’s values and drive for success.

Trent Mynott will lead the club again as the captain of the Frankston Football Club. Trent personifies what it is to be a Dolphin, leading by example, connecting the group, and displaying a relentless hunger to win. His commitment to excellence sets the standard for his teammates.

We have appointed two vice-captains – Joe Lloyd & George Grey. The playing group respect Joe, trust him, and know he will just get the job done regardless of what is asked. Known for his ability to deliver under pressure and his unwavering commitment to the team’s success. His leadership is invaluable both on and off the field.

Since joining the club, George has not put a foot wrong. His drive to improve the team and individuals is very visible, and he has already left a mark on the group. George has established himself as a key leader, embodying elite standards and driving the team towards success. His presence commands respect and admiration from the group.

Rounding out the remaining leadership group is Jackson Voss, Tom Murphy, Noah Gown & Taine Barlow.

Noah Gown is a dedicated and hardworking player who consistently drives elite standards within the club. His ability to connect people and his passion for success make him a natural choice for the leadership group.

Taine Barlow is a unifying force within the team, prioritizing the collective goals over individual accolades. His inclusion in the leadership group reflects his commitment to the team’s success.

Jackson Voss has been recognized by his peers for his hunger for team success and his unwavering commitment to high standards. He consistently pushes himself and his teammates to excel.

Tom Murphy is renowned for his relentless work ethic and his dedication to improving both himself and his teammates. His leadership on and off the field drives the team forward towards their goals.

The 2024 leadership group embodies the values and principles that define the Frankston Football Club, and their leadership will be instrumental in guiding the team to success in the upcoming season.

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