2021 Gala Award Winners

On Friday, October 29th, we held Frankston Football Club’s 2021 Gala Awards via Facebook live. We’re very pleased to announce this year’s winners.

Club Person of the Year Award 
Joint winners Bob Hindle & Glen Adams

SEWF Team Player of the Year Award
Maegan Luxa

VFL Team Player of the Year Award
James Rendell

VFL Rookie Award
Taine Barlow

SEWF Most Consistent Award
Joint winners Jess Stepanavicius & Skye Haslem

VFL Player’s Player of the Year Award
Josh Newman

SEWF Best & Fairest Runner Up
Jemma Radings

SEWF Best & Fairest Award
Lucy Grocock

VFL Best & Fairest Runner Up
Nathan Freeman

VFL Best & Fairest Peter Geddes Medal
Josh Newman

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