SkyBus Player in a Pod Episode 8: Khyal Jacobson


On this week’s episode of Skybus’ Player in a Pod Jonty Ralphsmith and Mick O’Neil speak to Khyall Jacobson after Saturday’s main training session.
A small forward with a big leap, Jacobson comes to Frankston from Pines, playing a pivotal role in their 2018 premiership as a fresh addition to the senior side.
“The senior guys just rallied around me and I was the piece of the puzzle that the forward line may have missed so [coach] Paddy [Swayn] helped me a lot,” Jacobson said.
They knew what I brought to the table, they told me ‘just back yourself! Don’t worry about trying to please everybody and at the end of it we made it all the way to the ‘granny’ and we won so it was amazing.”
“That day flew. It hasn’t really sunk in yet and it’s two years later, but basically I just had to get to get to the game because I was nervous at home and playing it over in my head. 
“So just got here, went through my routine, and by the time we ran out through the warm-up there was no nerves, I was just calm and ready to go.
“And winning the medal, because there was about 8,000 people here and I reckon about 4,000 people came out to the huddle and everybody was grabbing on the head and everything and I hadn’t even seen three quarters of them before so it was good to get around the boys there and they were all chanting.”
Other topics of conversation included Jacobson being part of the Frankston academy, being cut from the Stingrays, and his small stature.
1.50: The widespread support Jacobson receives
3.20: Premiership with Pines
5.25: Learning off Aaron Edwards, Tim Bongetti, Paul Scanlon
6.05: Being part of the Frankston Academy
13.45: The contrast between the ‘lingering uncertainty’ and happiness when a season was confirmed
14.48: Why the boys get stuck into Jacobson
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