SkyBus Player in a Pod Episode 8: Bailey Lambert

Bailey Lambert joins ‘Player in a Pod’ this week to speak about his VFL debut, ‘fast growing’ bromance with ruckman Jack Berry and his high-profile parents, Craig and Melissa.
Lambert also spoke about the tight-knit playing group and, having arrived at the club in pre-season believes there is a clear reason why.
“I feel like the main thing that pushes us all together is everyone has something to prove in a way; a lot of us are young or have had stints at other VFL clubs and it hasn’t worked out, or we haven’t been drafted so we all have a chip on our shoulder and all share the same thing and are wanting to put Frankston to be a powerhouse of a VFL club,” Lambert said.
“So with that vision everyone is on the same level, everyone is looking at each other as equals which is pushing us forward and making us all really close together.”
Tune in to hear more from Frankston’s affable 21-year-old.
0.50: Training 
3.15: Bailey’s VFL debut against Frankston
6.10: Bailey on his high-profile parents
12.40: Frankston’s coaches
15.20: Bromance with Jack Berry
17.00: Closeness around the club: ‘everyone has something to prove’
19.30: Chit-chat
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