Round 16 Match Report: Gold Coast vs Frankston @Metricon Stadium

Round 16 Report

Gold Coast vs Frankston

Metricon Stadium

The Dolphins’ trip to Queensland for the second time in as many weeks ended in heartbreak. Facing the Gold Coast was never going to be easy, but when the boys from Frankston lead at every break but the final siren, it’s a bitter defeat.

Both sides had numerous scoring chances in the first quarter. The Suns’ backline made a series of blunders that led to Frankston’s first goal of the day, which came from Brodie McLaughlin, who sprinted into an open goal and dribbled it through. From a boundary throw in stoppage, Will Fordham broke through to score his first goal of the day. The Dolphins’ goal-kicking midfielder has been outstanding this season and would be in the top three for the best and fairest award at this point. Frankston struggled to finish in the first quarter, kicking seven minor scores. At the first break, Gold Coast 2.3.15 and Frankston 2.7.19.

Will Fordham was dominating as the Dolphins enjoyed a wonderful day for football on the Gold Coast. He scored his second goal of the day from 20 metres out with a superb snap around the body. It started a goal fiesta for Frankston, kicking five goals in the quarter. Ryley Stoddart completed an appealing transition play from the half back flank all the way through to the forward pocket, the essence of a true team goal. Kai Owens, a fan favourite, would have made Cristiano Ronaldo happy with an interesting attempt at a soccer kick from the goal square. Owens, who first missed the ball, smashed it through the middle on his second attempt. Just before Austin Bradtke took an uncontested mark 15 metres out from goal and completed the quarter with a set shot, Max Williams sank a set shot from 30 metres out. At the main break, Gold Coast was 5.5.35 behind Frankston, who was 7.9.51.

Josh Begley showed his class with a goal from 49 metres out to start the third quarter for Frankston. Brodie McLaughlin scored a fantastic goal from the boundary line, kicking a banana from the right-hand pocket. Gold Coast contained Frankston out of the main break, something many teams have struggled doing at times this season. At three quarter time, Gold Coast was 8.7.55 and Frankston was 9.14.68.

As the wheels fell off for Frankston, Blake O’Leary kicked Frankston’s only major in the fourth. The quickness of the small forward was on full display as he slipped onto his left side and blasted through a goal. Frankston leaves dejected and thinking about “what could have been.” Frankston trailed in hit outs by a substantial margin but dominated in possession, 303-369.

Final Score: 

Gold Coast 12.8.80

Frankston 10.16.76

Frankston is currently ranked 15th out of 21 teams in the VFL after sixteen rounds. The top  eight teams at the end of the season will compete in the finals.


  • Will Fordham had 27 disposals, eight marks and four clearances.
  • Taylin Duman had 25 disposals, eight marks, and 98 fantasy points. 
  • Bill Mackay had 24 disposals, three marks and three tackles.
  • Jackson Voss had 22 disposals, 10 marks and two tackles.
  • Connor Riley had nine tackles, 22 disposals and three clearances.


  • Will Fordham– 2
  • Brodie McLaughlin– 2
  • Josh Begley– 1
  • Austin Bradtke– 1
  • Blake O’Leary– 1
  • Kai Owens– 1
  • Ryley Stoddart– 1
  • Max Williams– 1

If you did not get a chance to watch on Saturday afternoon, a mini match can be found here.

Round 17 sees the Dolphins host the Northern Bullants at SkyBus Stadium on Friday the 15th of July at 7:35PM.

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