Round 12 Match Report: Frankston vs Brisbane @SkyBus Stadium

Round 12 Match Report

Frankston Dolphins vs Brisbane Lions

By Trent Kniese

A big Friday night showdown saw the Dolphins host the Brisbane Lions under lights. Frankston played exceptionally well considering Brisbane currently sits 3rd on the ladder. 

Blake O’Leary slotted Frankston’s first and only goal of the first quarter, dribbling a kick through a pack of three Lions players to get on the scoreboard. Frankston’s defence held up well despite a surging Brisbane midfield group. Frankston 1.0.6 to Brisbane 2.2.14 at the first break. 

The second quarter had Frankston slip away from the Lions, with Brisbane building on their first-quarter lead. Blake O’Leary kicked his second of the night at around 17 minutes in whist Taylin Duman joined the party just three minutes later. O’Leary kicked a beautiful around the corner snap down the St Paul’s church end, with the goal umpire not moving a muscle as it sailed through the middle. Duman’s 13th touch of the night was a goal, taking a nice, contested grab and going back for a set shot from about 35 meters away. Frankston 3.0.18 to Brisbane 5.3.33.

It would not be a normal Frankston side if they did not come out hot out of the gates from the main break. Liam Reidy, the big ruckman, had SkyBus on its feet, kicking a goal 39 seconds into the third quarter. It was a remarkable goal, with the ruck, roving a marking contest and chucking it on his boot from 50 meters out. Tom Murphy kicked a beautiful snap in front of the clubrooms to cut the lead to just nine points with 20 minutes left in the third. Marc Massarotti and Bailey Lambert finished the quarter off strong for the Dolphins, each kicking a major. Massarotti in his debut game was at the receiving end of a 50-meter penalty given away by a Lions defender, which meant he kicked from the top of the goal square. Bailey Lambert soared and took a huge mark in a pack full of players from both sides before going back and kicking his first of the night. The two late goals set up a thrilling finale of the last quarter. Frankston 7.1.43 to Brisbane 7.6.48 at the last break.

The fourth was a tight contest and full of heartbreak for Frankston. Brodie McLaughlin kicked the first of the quarter with a tricky snap in front of the infamous hill at SkyBus Stadium. It sent the crowd into a roar with Frankston taking the lead for the first time of the night. Tom Small kicked the next goal to put Frankston up by 6 points with 10 minutes to go in the game. A measured set shot was converted by a cool and calm Tom Small. 

Overall, the Dolphins had a fair fight and led most of the major statistical categories except hit outs and clearances. 

Final Score

Frankston 9.2.56

Brisbane 9.8.62

Frankston is currently ranked 14th out of 21 teams in the VFL after twelve rounds. The best eight teams at the end of the season will compete in the finals.


  • Trent Mynott had 30 disposals, fourteen tackles and seven clearances 
  • Ryley Stoddart had 24 disposals, seven marks, and five tackles. 
  • Taylin Duman had 22 disposals, eight marks and one goal.
  • Liam Reidy had 31 hit outs, five tackles and one clearance.
  • Sam Fletcher had 23 disposals, nine tackles and 99 fantasy points.


  • Blake O’Leary– 2
  • Taylin Duman– 1
  • Bailey Lambert– 1
  • Marc Massarotti– 1
  • Brodie McLaughlin– 1
  • Tom Murphy– 1
  • Liam Reidy– 1
  • Tom Small– 1

If you did not get a chance to watch on Friday night, a full match can be found here.

Round 13 sees the Dolphins have a bye before travelling for Round 14 to face the Southport Sharks on the 25th of June.

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