Player in a Pod Episode 4: Josh Newman Part 2

Josh Newman has seen the modernisation of the Frankston Football Club first hand.

A naïve youngster before the club went into administration, Newman recalls the segregation of the Frankston Football Club before recession, typical of an old-school football club.

But an entirely new list- bar himself and Boyd Bailey- and a renewed focus on being ‘hungry and humble,’ has the skipper optimistic.

“Back in the day (before the club went into recession) I adapted to the environment pretty well and played some games so I fitted in okay and gained respect from the older boys,” Newman said.

“Whereas the other boys on the list (that were my age) wouldn’t hear too much from the senior players… there was an elite group that would stick to themselves.

“If you look at organisation now, the relationships Will Fordham would have with the 52nd bloke on our list or the relationship they would have with Barney who drives the van to the game and his son Al shows there’s a very clear understanding that it takes all of us to move forward.

“So I think that’s the main difference; that care factor across the whole organisation.

“Everyone’s extremely passionate about moving the club forward and in the right direction.”

Tune into this week’s ‘Player in a Pod’ episode to hear more about the evolution and future of the Frankston Football Club.

– By Jonty Ralphsmith

0.15: Evolution of the Frankston Football Club

3.45: The future

6.35: The story of the Burnett family

9.25: Hungry and humble

16.00: Josh speaks about the coaches and then new players

20.55: Biggest prankster at the club

22.05: Mick O’Neil: ‘The cutest couple in Frankston.’

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