Player in a Pod Episode 4: Josh Newman Part 1

Josh Newman speaks in depth to Michael O’Neil and Jonty Ralphsmith on the first of a two part series of the ‘Player in a Pod’ with the Frankston skipper.
Going into his second year as skipper, Newman reflects on returning to Frankston, becoming skipper and his move into the midfield and subsequent success. 
‘I’d been playing okay off halfback and the coach said he wanted to get me in the midfield but (I wouldn’t play) as many minutes because you’re rotating on and off,” Newman said.
“He wanted to get more quality possessions rather than quantity and he just wanted an extra pair of hands in the midfield to hopefully find the footy and help out Will Fordham and Freeza and… I was lucky enough to adapt pretty quickly.”
Tune in to this week’s episode to hear more from the 24-year-old.
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0.50: Josh on his year off footy
4.50: Josh Newman the skipper
9.25: THAT mark
12.30: The move into the midfield
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