Jodie Hilton – Profile

 Team Manager, Women’s

It all began during the lockdown in 2020. My husband Greg, who played for Frankston VFA in the 1980s, was asked if he was interested in coaching the inaugural Frankston Football Club Women’s team to commence in 2021. He accepted. Greg enlisted a footy friend of ours to be Team Manager. He came along initially but due to unforeseen family circumstances, he had to give up the position, so I was asked to step in halfway through the first season. I was more than happy with my role as football WAG but I took on the additional role of Team Manager, willing to learn. This is now my 3rd season!!!

            My job entails getting the girls to register every season. During pre-season, I must ensure the inward and outward clearances are approved. During the season, every Friday night, Multi gives me the team line-up, and I register them online, printing up team sheets that go to the umpires and opposition on game day. On a home game, it’s my responsibility to submit game scores, best players and goal kickers to the SEWF League. My unofficial role is the sandwich maker and fruit supplier on game day, sometimes timekeeper, and to be there for the team if they need anything. I have been working as a nurse in the ED for 24 years, so I am also up for any medical backup the Trainer might need.

Jodie Hilton in action!

I have been involved with footy my whole life, with my father’s uncles and brother playing. As I got older, I followed my husband’s career with the MPNFL, culminating in him receiving an MPNFL life membership. We have enjoyed the many friendships that have been formed through footy. And now, as the Team Manager, I can proudly watch our daughter, Ella, continuing a family tradition, playing in the Frankston Football Club Women’s team.

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