How the Frankston Dolphins are keeping fit, according to Gus Styles

Digital platforms and competitive streaks have been heavily relied upon by Frankston’s squad as real life interactions become ever scarcer, according to lockdown midfielder Gus Styles.
“All sorts of rubbish,” has been landing at Frankston players’ Facebook inboxes as players try to amuse themselves, with Will Fordham and Harry Prendergast among the major culprits, while ‘Houseparty’ has also been clickworthy.
“We definitely all miss each other,’ Styles quipped.
“You don’t realise how big a part of each other’s lives’ we are until you take that break so we’ve made a huge effort to stay in touch and see how each other’s going.”
Styles, a Malvern resident also offered an insight into his thrice weekly sessions with nearby teammates Harry Loughnan, and supplementary listed Lachie Kennett.
“We’ve mainly been doing running sessions. We’ve been trying to do quick handballs and basic kicking as well.
“On a Tuesday we run 6-7kms in the session, on the Thursday, we’d be hitting 9-10kms, and Saturday’s our big hit-out, where we replicate a game. We’d be trying to run 12-13 kilometres in that session,” Styles said.
“(Normally) you’re focusing on the footy at training sessions and giving instructions so you’re mind’s on things other than your immediate discomfort.
“So running on the Tuesday and Thursday at the moment is more of a challenge because you’re just basically running laps as opposed to running for the ball.
“Running with someone is helpful; when I’m running with Lachie I don’t want him to catch me, and if I’m running with Harry, I’m trying to stay as close to him as I can. So that inner competitiveness in you is the most motivating thing of all,’ Styles said.
If that didn’t act as incentive enough, the squad are being held accountable for their interval and fartlek running by head of high performance Chris Ross, via fitness app ‘Strava.’
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