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Ever since being established in 1887, the Frankston Football Club has been a central figure in the world of Australian Rules Football on the Mornington Peninsula.

Initially the club competed in what is now known as the MPNFL, and after much success at local level, the club joined the Victorian Football Association in 1966.

1976 saw the club finish the home and away season on top of the ladder for the first time, and in 1978 the club tasted the ultimate success with their first Premiership in the VFA defeating Camberwell by 14 points at Prahran oval.

Our first ‘J.J. Liston’ medal winner, Peter Geddes was crowned in 1984, and was followed by John Georgio in 1999 and Aaron Edwards in 2006.

In 2000 the AFL took the VFA under it’s umbrella and the competition was renamed the VFL. Many former VFA teams choose to align with powerful AFL clubs, however Frankston Football Club remained true to itself and the region, and chose to stand-alone.

Frankston Football Club est. 1887 is determined to stay independent and represent the Mornington Peninsula in this States strongest competition.

We pride ourselves on offering a pathway for young local talent to ply their trade at the highest level and get exposure to the AFL. Upon completing their career with Frankston, we know these young men will return to their local clubs better footballers, better citizens and an asset to their community.