Wombats – Dolphins around the Grounds Report. 8th to 12th June 2017

G’day Everyone,

Hope your long weekend was a great one, it definitely was a huge weekend of football culminating in the Big Freeze 3 MND game between the Demons and the Magpies at the M.C.G.

This weekend was the weekend where the hospital pass took on a whole new slant, close matches, reunions, overall it was a big long weekend where the Former Dolphins were concerned.


  • Normally this report would constrain itself to those at AFL or State League Levels but every once in a while a feat so huge cannot be ignored and with this in mind is why this particular coach takes top billing.
  • Kris Thompson, as some would be aware, broke his leg playing football last week and the day after was at Box Hill Hawks in his plaster cast assisting coaching at Box Hill Hawks Women a herculean effort in itself.
  • This week Kris got bad news and that the break was worse requiring surgery as he had broken his tibia in two places, leaving hospital the next day he went to coach Springvale Districts in his first game as senior coach there due to the previous coach having to quit for work reasons.
  • Springvale Districts were sitting tenth on the ladder and the team they beat were second placed, surely this will forever put a whole new slant in football terms of the saying Hospital Pass
  • Congrats Kris and best wishes both for a speedy recovery and for the rest season with your coaching.


  • Sydney Swans 88 defeated Western Bulldogs 42
  • The AFL round started off gloriously for the Wombat as his beloved Bloods made sure the other 17 teams in the competition know they were still in the hunt.
  • Sydney Swans – Nic Newman 18 Disposals 7 Marks 1 Hit Out 3 Tackles DT: 84
  • Western Bulldogs – Matthew Boyd 22 Disposals 7 Marks 2 Tackles DT: 86
  • Tory Dickson 12 Disposals 2 Marks 5 Tackles 1 Goal DT: 61
  • Essendon 131 defeated Port Power 61
  • Essendon – Mark Baguley 8 Disposals 1 Mark 2 Tackles DT: 23
  • Melbourne 104 defeated Collingwood 100
  • Melbourne – Michael Hibberd named in the Demons Best Players
  • 21 Disposals 1 Mark 1 Tackle DT: 57


  • Perth 75 defeated by Subiaco 150
  • Subiaco – Leigh Kitchin Named in Subiaco’s Best Players
  • 33 Disposals 9 Marks 1 Goal DT: 116
  • Lachlan Delahunty – 20 Disposals 11 Marks 5 Hit Outs 2 Goals DT: 107
  • Sth Fremantle 77 defeated by Peel Thunder 83
  • Sth Fremantle – Shane Hockey 15 Disposals 4 Marks 4 Tackles DT: 60
  • Swan Districts 81 defeated by West Perth 89
  • West Perth – Michael Lourey 11 Disposals 4 Marks 3 Goals DT: 56
  • Scott Simpson 12 Disposals 4 Marks 3 Tackles 12 Hit Outs DT: 66


  • No former Dolphins were involved in the two games that were played this weekend.


  • Williamstown 104 defeated Sandringham Zebras 80
  • I was fortunate enough due to the bye in the MPNFL to be able to witness this game, Michael Robinson was unable to celebrate his Birthday with a win nor Adrian Connolly or Dean Jones in their coaching capacities as both teams were  defeated by Williamstown, regardless was great to see them all.
  • Williamstown – Ben Cavarra 13 Disposals 5 Marks 2 Tackles 2 Goals DT: 64
  • Joshua Newman – Named in Williamstown’s Best Players
  • 22 Disposals 9 Marks 1 Tackle 1 Goal DT: 95
  • Kyle Gray 10 Disposals 2 Marks DT: 27
  • Northern Blues 100 defeated Coburg 91
  • Coburg – Ryan Exon 15 Disposals 1 Mark 5 Tackles DT: 61
  • Blake Mullane 12 Disposals 3 Marks 2 Tackles DT: 49

That wraps up Dolphins around the grounds for this week may your footballing week be a great one and if not remember there is always next week.