Wombats – Dolphins around the Grounds Report. 30th June to 2nd July

G’day all

No more ‘winter is coming’, it has well and truly arrived with the arctic blasts, as we shiver watching our favourite teams playing out there on the grounds.

The Final eight is still as clear as mud in the AFL with the maxim any team can beat another if more committed and determined than the other side no truer than ever.

How do we stay warm? Simply by watching our favourite Dolphins plying their wares around the leagues. As they do all in the Dolphin Community are proud of the way they conduct themselves both on and off the field.

It sure does warm the heart to see so many exceling wherever they are playing, keep up the great work.

To those of you who read this report, if anyone asks why the Dolphins importance of coming back to the VFL?… just reel off the names currently playing at the highest levels and then ask those who question the validity of the Frankston Dolphins Football Club.

Does not the next crop of footballing talent deserve the chance to fulfil their sporting dreams and have a fighting chance of playing at the top level? Clubs like the Frankston Dolphins empower those who are knocked back not to quit but to have one more chance of proving their worth.

For me that is well worth fighting for, to the 1050 plus members signed so far glad you agree with me, lets keep going, add to that member tally and give the next batch of talent that very chance.

Here’s what our Former Dolphins got up to this weekend footballing wise past weekend….


Melbourne 50 defeated by Sydney Swans 85
Melbourne – Michael Hibberd named in Melbourne’s Best Players
33 Disposals 4 Marks 2 Tackles DT: 107

Sydney Swans – Nic Newman named in Swans Best Players
25 Disposals 8 Marks 5 Tackles DT:116

*This could possibly be one the first times two former Frankston Dolphins Players named in AFL Teams Best Players in the same game, well done Michael and Nic.

Western Bulldogs 80 defeated by West Coast Eagles 87
Western Bulldogs – Tory Dickson 10 Disposals 4 Marks 1 Goal DT: 36

Port Power 63 defeated by Richmond 76
Richmond – Sam Lloyd 13 Disposals 4 Marks 5 Tackles 1 Goal DT: 74

Essendon 82 defeated by Brisbane Lions 90
Essendon – Mark Baguley 14 Disposals 3 Marks 2 Tackles DT:47


West Perth 36 defeated by Subiaco 47
West Perth – Michael Lourey 10 Disposals 1 Mark DT: 25
Scott Simpson named in West Perth’s Best Players
17 Disposals 5 Marks 3 Tackles 31 Hit Outs DT: 106

Subiaco – Leigh Kitchin 27 Disposals 1 Mark 5 Tackles DT: 99
Lachlan Delahunty – 16 Disposals 1 Mark 6 Tackles 25 Hit Outs DT:91


Canberra 47 defeated by Sydney Swans 138
Canberra – Alex Smout named in Canberras Best Players
23 Disposals 7 Marks DT: 79

Redland 111 defeated Southport 90
Redland – Boyd Bailey 8 Disposals 2 Marks 3 Tackles DT: 40


Geelong 126 defeated Coburg 41
Geelong – Daniel Capiron 15 Disposals 6 Marks 1 Tackle DT: 62

Coburg – Blake Mullane 17 Disposals 4 Tackles DT: 56
Port Melbourne 105 defeated Casey Demons 40
Port Melbourne – Dylan Van Unen 7 Disposals 2 Marks 2 Tackles DT: 29
Josh Tynan – 9 Disposals 2 Marks 8 Tackles DT: 64

Essendon 74 defeated by Richmond 80
Richmond – Jadyn Cass 6 Disposals 1 Tackle 1 Goal DT: 24

Collingwood 85 defeated Footscray 80
Footscray Matthew Boyd named in Bulldogs Best Players
22 Disposals 6 Marks 1 Tackle DT: 78

That rounds up the weekend for our Dolphins around the grounds, please keep spreading the word about memberships $50 and the deals with local Frankston Businesses. 24th July is the date for the submission to AFL Vic more memberships = More voices to be heard and harder for the powers to be to ignore.

May your week be a great week football wise and if not always remember there is next week.

Wombat – Pete